NORTH DEVON COMPANY uses Covid-19 lockdown to launch New Platform

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Responsive and Fast

Busyfriends opens with a pinch of magic. Our responsive design makes your profile and community sparkle on any screen (desktops, tablets, and smart phones).


Flexibility makes your profile and community engagement much easier to manage, not just for yourself but for others to join you. Build and promote your community in a way that inspires.


Take advantage of our targeted ads to an engaged audience. Our standard, sponsored or featured advertisements will surely help to promote or sell your product, service or idea.

SSL Security (secure sockets layer)

The SSL structure of our platform and the protection of your personal data enables us to deliver a service without pausing to mitigate risk and ensure uninterrupted performance.

Drag and Drop content Management

Our 'Drag and Drop' features are designed to make the creation of engaging communities even more user friendly while adding to the visual impact and it's addictive nature.

Anti Spam features

Constant improvements to our anti-spam systems helps to Keep our platform free of spam. This provides our users with a better social experience that is enjoyable and clutter-free.

Collaborating everything in one place

Everything you could ever want in one place. Showcasing elaborate Member Profiles, Subscribe / Build/ Promote Video Channels, Create and share Video and Music playlists, interest based Pages, Groups and Events. Properties, Jobs, Buy/Sell and our recently developed Crowd-Funding Platform.

Eye Catching User Engagement

We have found the best way to communicate with others is by means of seizing a users imagination and the possibilities of 'What If'. In order to achieve this we are constantly looking at developing new technologies that allows all of our users to participate objectively within approved guidelines.

Strict Posting Guidelines

We're not here to put profit before yours or other users safety. Unlike other 'Social Media Giants' we do not allow extreme content that promotes, encourages or popularises - Child Abuse, Bullying, Harassment, Self Harm, Mutilation, Torture, Violence, Hate Speech, Nudity, Suicide, False News or Spam.

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Our fully interactive mobile apps are now available. Built for speed and packed full of functionality. They're a safe and secure mobile alternative to our parent platform.